Lost Cat by Jason

Jason's stuff is simple and strange. A Humphrey Bogart private eye mysterious lost love story suddenly turned into full blown war of the worlds. Hehe.

Now, what I really really like about Jason's stuff – you can read a book of his in 30 mins. Nice đŸ˜‰



Werewolves of Montpellier by Jason

I know this blog gets more and more skewed towards comic books – simple reason is – I watch too many US TV shows to read proper books, sadly.

Yet another strange story by Jason, a not too scary one about werewolves in South France coupled with his cynical remarks about the great nation of Gerard Depardieu and the rest.

Not too funny, but acceptable. Only 50 pages long – that's its crucial key investment highlight that they should list on comiXology. Um.


I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason

A short graphic novel on time travel, contract killing, and assassinating the Nazi kingpin himself. Again, great puctures, but of limited worth. Why?

(a) You don't get to say much in less than 50 pages, do you? Poor character development, huh.


(b) This is soooooo inferior to a brilliant and most funny Making History novel by Stephen Fry, published in 1996, dealing basically with the same subject, time travel and killing Dolfie. Yeah, that book rocked.

Still, a decent bathtub reading for 20 minutes or so.