The Game by Neil Strauss

At the risk of being sandbagged by all of you, yes, I confess, I did read Neil Strauss's The Game. In my defense, my reasoning was three-fold:

(a) it's not the first Strauss's book I've read – hell, I've read Jenna's bio – so I know the guy can produce good chewing gum fictionalized bios, which I like – though I put his Manson's bio on hold, as it seems too outdated;

(b) Strauss was recently up on Tim Ferriss's blog, in June, and that kinda stuck in my mind; and

(c) right about the same time, mid July, Mr. Alex S, sitting in Le Club 55 in Saint Tropez, was telling everyone that the routines really work;

… so, when (b) and (c) kinda coincided in my time and space, I bought the book and put it in my kindle backlog.

Well, interestingly and unbelievingly enough, Mr. Strauss, who previously mostly ghostwrote rock and porn stars, decided to make a total star of himself. Not sure how much in the book is life and how much is fiction, but if it's all life, man, he did a hell of job!

As the story goes, Neil joined a secret internet community of pick up artists, i.e. guys that know how to get the girls date 'em and break down seduction techniques down to routines and social science – and excelled at the game. It resulted in his transformation into the Master pick up artist, who later co-founded a sort of “Fight Club” of pick up, based in L.A. and called Project Hollywood. Whoa, un-frigging-believable.
Just to add some flavor – Miss Courtney Love couchsurfed Project Hollywood for weeks, if not months – so, yeah, this book is a modern Cinderella story – how the ghost writer journalist becomes a total Casanova.
All in all, an interesting read – wouldn't say, for all of you AFCs out there (google the term yourself), that this book is very instrumental in the game of pick up – but I'm pretty sure much more solid step-by-step advice can be found in the satellite products Mr. Strauss, a now turned Tim-Ferriss-styled businessman, published as follow up. Enjoy!

How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson and Neil Strauss

Kindle sometimes pushes you (well, me) to read some, ehem, funny stuff, not usually found on my home shelf – like bad girl Jenna’s 2004 autobiography in whopping (as I realized far too late) 600 pages – ghost-written by Neil Strauss, whose book with Marilyn Manson has been on my shelves for years (unread to this date – mommy, promise, I will read it someday).

This book, in spite of a suggesting and rather provocative title, is in fact a Cinderella story in the adult world – well, adult in you-know-what-I-mean sense ;-)) Far too many bad things happened to poor Mrs. JJ – or so she claims – but you need at least a few big bad wolves for the Red Riding Hood to pass through the woods and find her way home, to her darling porn-director-turned-second-husband prince. Well, after one porn-director-failed-first-husband folly and quite a few non-husband ones.

And in the end, “rags to riches” is spun as porn starlet to “porn CEO”, as she proudly calls herself. Oh well.

I’ve never told anyone about either the Montana experience or the one with the Preacher [no mires’ note: rapes in her teens] because I don’t want to be thought of as a victim. I want to be judged by who I am as a person, not by what happened to me. In fact, all the bad things only contributed to my confidence and sense of self, because I survived them and became a better and stronger person for it.