The Game by Neil Strauss

At the risk of being sandbagged by all of you, yes, I confess, I did read Neil Strauss's The Game. In my defense, my reasoning was three-fold:

(a) it's not the first Strauss's book I've read – hell, I've read Jenna's bio – so I know the guy can produce good chewing gum fictionalized bios, which I like – though I put his Manson's bio on hold, as it seems too outdated;

(b) Strauss was recently up on Tim Ferriss's blog, in June, and that kinda stuck in my mind; and

(c) right about the same time, mid July, Mr. Alex S, sitting in Le Club 55 in Saint Tropez, was telling everyone that the routines really work;

… so, when (b) and (c) kinda coincided in my time and space, I bought the book and put it in my kindle backlog.

Well, interestingly and unbelievingly enough, Mr. Strauss, who previously mostly ghostwrote rock and porn stars, decided to make a total star of himself. Not sure how much in the book is life and how much is fiction, but if it's all life, man, he did a hell of job!

As the story goes, Neil joined a secret internet community of pick up artists, i.e. guys that know how to get the girls date 'em and break down seduction techniques down to routines and social science – and excelled at the game. It resulted in his transformation into the Master pick up artist, who later co-founded a sort of “Fight Club” of pick up, based in L.A. and called Project Hollywood. Whoa, un-frigging-believable.
Just to add some flavor – Miss Courtney Love couchsurfed Project Hollywood for weeks, if not months – so, yeah, this book is a modern Cinderella story – how the ghost writer journalist becomes a total Casanova.
All in all, an interesting read – wouldn't say, for all of you AFCs out there (google the term yourself), that this book is very instrumental in the game of pick up – but I'm pretty sure much more solid step-by-step advice can be found in the satellite products Mr. Strauss, a now turned Tim-Ferriss-styled businessman, published as follow up. Enjoy!

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