Riña de gatos. Madrid 1936 de Eduardo Mendoza

Mendoza’s last book is quite amusing – though I wiki’ed Antonio Primo de Rivera et al – no Duque de Igualada alongside him, as I could’ve predicted

As usual for his works, Mendoza adds a spy novel angle to its tale – it’s full of action and mystery – but don’t be fooled – it’s a not a story of fake Velazquez and spies from Lubyanka – it is one about popular revolt hanging in the air, both communist and fascist – coupled with Mendoza’s love for Spain and Madrid in particular. Quite amusing indeed – te pegas al libro y ya…

Reminded me of La Comedia Ligera – rather than Mauricio – though, I have to say, I poorly remember both


2 Comments on “Riña de gatos. Madrid 1936 de Eduardo Mendoza”

  1. […] Mauricio y la Ciudad de Prodigios, Una Comedia Ligera and his latest Premio Planeta winner Riña de Gatos. Madrid 1936 – all of which are perfect period pieces – I hope I will find time to re-read the first […]

  2. […] Eduardo Mendoza is definitely a borderline kind of author on the subject, with some of his novels competing to run for la selección española de las obras maestras contemporáneas, including his most recent Riña de Gatos: Madrid 1936. […]

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