Everybody is Stupid Except for Me by Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge is probably one of the funniest and smartest comic book authors ever – and where else would you find a libertarian artist like that? Ayn Rand must be proud.

In contrast to Buddie Bradley saga and his other fiction work described here previously, this book is fruit of quite different nature. In fact, Everybody is Stupid is not a comic book per se – it is a collection of short stories, 1 to 4 pages max, published in the '00s in the Reason magazine.

Sorted by themes of War, Sex, Arts, Business, Boondoggles, Tragedy, Politics, and Our Stupid Country, it is a must for all libertarian oriented minds, and those who like to ridicule both right- and left-wing hotheads (me, me, me!).

I know that goes well against the advertised libertarian values to which I tend to ascribe myself to, but I felt the need to copy paste 3 short vignettes right off the Reason's Bagge page where these comics are included. Sorry folks!


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