Exterior Noche by Gipi

Made a quick revision of my comic book shelf (actually, shelves) just to realize I have 3 unread books by Gipi, an Italian author, translated into Spanish. Bought them in FNAC in Madrid maybe 5-6 years ago – and hasn't opened so far.

Started with Exterior Noche, a collection of six unrelated short stories – and boy, do they look awesome. Probably one of the most original and artsy comic books I have ever seen.

Stories are dark, delinquent related experiences, pure life without a long well-developed plot – rather, to find a proper comparison, they are pieces of raw flesh cut out and left there bleeding.

The multilayered style is also one of a kind. Beautiful dark blue background drawn in oil, with further pencil-like ugly faces added on top – Gipi himself says that he made sure no-one (especially women) looked anywhere close to sexy or handsome in his work.

I have Apuntes para una Historia de Guerra and Los Inocentes to read further – and now I definitely will.


One Comment on “Exterior Noche by Gipi”

  1. […] art, I'd say, is less prominent visually than that of Exterior Noche, recently read as well, but still quite unique for comic books – as too few are done in paint […]

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