Moth City Season 1 by Tim Gibson

Interestingly, Moth City is probably the first comic book written specifically for iPad (or Kindle Fire, if that is your choice). It is impossible to print it in full on paper. Each action panel represents a new page in the file, thus creating a unique movie like feeling while reading it. And no need for panel guided view technology of Kindle App or comiXology, as all pages, panels, text balloons etc, all fit iPad screen nicely without any zooming. The future of comic books, yeah.

The story is in the early stages of development, so hard to comment on its quality – overall, it's a noir setting in a ficticious Asian city in the 30s, action and adventure, huh. The drawing style I can judge already – it looks great.

Total score: even though I do not like reading serialized comic books as they come out, usually once a month or so (other than The Walking Dead – but man, I am tired of it, I keep forgetting previous episodes every month), this particular one is probably worth picking up and trying.


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