The Walking Dead Vol. 115-118 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

Decided to catch up on several months of unread issues of The Walking Dead – and quickly went through volumes 115 to 118. The thing is, if you read just one issue, it's boring – but if you read at least three at once, you get the pace.
Kirkman went into a new story arc called All Out War, a total of 12 issues (8 more to come), with people going after people, guns trotting et al.
The most interesting thing about the comic book now is to compare it to the AMC series – the storyline has never been the same, sure – but even character wise, actions and personalities differ a lot. On TV, the bad guys start the war, while Rick proposes to lay down everyone's guns and quietly live in peace – while in the original comic book world, Rick is the attacker, and his motto is – no killer must be left alive. Gruesome and much more real, eh.

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