Moth City Seasons 1-3 by Tim Gibson

I couldn't wait till the final 2 issues of this unique and beautiful 8-issue graphic novel and went through Seasons 1-3 (issues 1-6) in a blast.
Tim Gibson managed to create a whole new approach to digital comic books, no less – technically, it's nothing new, but once put together, it's kinda revolutionary – and he made that on the backdrop of quite a thrilling carnage story that makes it difficult to put it down. Book noir + the living dead + totalitarian regime in early XX century China – I know, it reads like total stereotype nonsense crap – but miraculously, it's not. You just wait for 2 final issues and read though it all. I will, again. Plus, it's a great way to ease my mind from reading The Fata Morgana Books that doesn't go easy for me.


One Comment on “Moth City Seasons 1-3 by Tim Gibson”

  1. […] Gibson made a short one-shot prequel to yet unfinished Moth City. A fifteen minute read, drawn in stunning black and white, which reminds me of classic Frank Miller […]

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