The Last of the Innocent. A Criminal edition by Ed Brubacker and Sean Phillips

To think about it, comic books are a perfect medium for noir crime stories, all those Dashiell Hammetts, James Hadley Chases and what not. All the messy bloody stuff that I loved to read in my early teens (alongside no less trashy horror stories, thank you, Mr. Hitchcock) are now in full profondo rosso colors spashed against the pages of a comic book.

And whilst Ed Brubacker‘s and Sean PhillipsCriminal series is of no match to, say, the Parker trilogy (and I hope for more of that as well), still, I found this story quite an entertaining read.

So I need to get some more, I guess. Both Criminal and Fatale (also written by the same duo), perfect pulp fiction, mmmm.

P.S. Sad but true – I need to stop buying comic books through comiXology. Yeah, it’s easier, and cheaper, and faster, and it lasts forever (kinda), but – there’s always but – you don’t get the same feeling when you hold a volume in your hands. Back to crazy Russian customs and amazon deliveries, and help me god.


One Comment on “The Last of the Innocent. A Criminal edition by Ed Brubacker and Sean Phillips”

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