Sleepwalk and other stories by Adrian Tomine

Adrian Tomine's Sleepwalk is nearly perfect. A hundred page long collection of a dozen stories, that look and read like pages torn out of people's diaries, written for the owner's own exclusive use. Lonely, insecure, sad, they are touchingly real.

Given that I exceeded my memory's capacity for remembering the content of books and movies long time ago (a clear consequence of rabid consumption of both – and one of the reasons of this blog), from his main books Shortcomings and Summer Blonde I remember almost none. But I have flash memories that I loved them long time ago – and I did love this one.

Given Tomine's indie storylines, it's difficult to cut a part of a story as an example – so I decided I place here this one pager story called Drop – which is less typical for Tomine, but is quite interesting nonetheless, especially for the size of it.





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