The death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave

Nick Cave – definitely a better singer than novelist. Still…

Part 1: Cocksman
Funny how Cave tackles Kylie in the book

“Bunny turns on the radio and Kylie Minogue’s hit ‘Spinning Around’ comes on, and he can’t believe his luck and feels a surge of almost limitless joy as the squelching, teasing synth starts and Kylie belts out her orgiastic paean to buggery and he thinks of Kylie’s gold hot pants, those magnificent gilded orbs, which makes him think of riding River the waitress’s large, blanched backside, his belly full of sausages and eggs, back up in the hotel room, and he begins singing along, ‘I’m spinning around, move out of my way, I know you’re feeling me ’cause you like it like this’, and the song seems to be coming out of all the windows of all the cars in all the world, and the beat is pounding like a motherfucker”

A bit on this in his interview

PS: official site

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