Fair Weather by Joe Matt

Liked Joe Matt so much, decided to read another book of his this Sunday evening – a short comic memoir about his childhood called Fair Weather.

Turned out to be an easy going 100-or-so pageturner about two boys' weekend in suburban Pennsylvania. So charming, it reminded me a few Soviet childhood stories I read as a boy in late 80s – written in the post war Soviet Union, 50s to 70s, I guess, about kids looking for potential spies or exploring neighborhood basements etc etc. All those Soviet young commie propaganda authors long forgotten by all but myself. [sigh]

My honest opinion: this is a perfect comic book for a teenager to read – and can be as perfect for a grumpy old fellow like me who smiled sadly remembering his childhood long gone. Too much swearing for a children's book, some parents might say – oh well, I did swear as well as a youngster, if I remember correctly. Bikes, swearing and ножички, that was cool. Oh youth.


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