Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire

A nice post apocalyptic story by Jeff Lemire, author of The Underwater Welder, published in 40 short comic book volumes. Commercial, I know, but still quite nice.

Somehow I liked the first half of the 40 volumes better than the other one – I guess, it has to do with mysteries. Don't know about you, but I prefer some mysteries not to be explained and solved in books, films, etc. As the unknown and the unexplained typically “sells” much better than poorly patched storylines.

Gods coming to earth, huh. Sweet Jesus.


2 Comments on “Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire”

  1. […]   I need to read Essex Boys, though. Looks like a must read, now that I've read both Sweet Tooth and The Underwater Welder. Bought it already, just need to move to page one of this 500+ something […]

  2. […] is indeed the best of Jeff Lemire's work, better than his commercially successful serialized Sweet Tooth and latest and much less commercial The Underwater Welder.   In a sense, Essex County is a […]

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