Essex County by Jeff Lemire

A brilliant, thick in pages, but fast in page turning, melodramatic family remembrance story, going across the span of four generations of various Essex County, Ontario, residents.
This is indeed the best of Jeff Lemire's work, better than his commercially successful serialized Sweet Tooth and latest and much less commercial The Underwater Welder.
In a sense, Essex County is a perfect gateway book for those not familiar with “serious” no-superheroes-kind of graphic novels, on par with Art Spiegelman's world-acclaimed Maus, Jason Lutes' Berlin, Alison Bechdel's Fun Home and different stuff by other prominent Canadian comic book writers like Chester Brown, Seth, and Joe Matt.
Funny enough, as I predicted, this book is full of hockey – plucks flying in and out of frozen lakes and NHL ice rinks, fists punching faces. But still, it's main theme is family, family that matters most – and how it is never late to care and forgive.

3 Comments on “Essex County by Jeff Lemire”

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