Blood by Ryden

This was an impulse purchase. A quickie. Thinking back, I attribute this impulse both to the outstanding quality of the book's cover (it has a child's Necronomicon feel, leatherish with ornaments, and a girl crying blood), as well as me having a chance to flip through other Ryden's books on the same shelf (not bloody at all) and enjoying the style.

It's like Tim Burton who turned Emo or Gothic or both, and now working exclusively for those with both a strong stomach and a good sense of humor. Sadly, I will have to put it on a top shelf for now – not sure the kids are ready for it. Yet. Necronomicon must wait its turn )))

“Blood is very powerful. While meat is the substance that keeps our living souls in this physical reality, blood keeps our meat alive. Blood is liquid life. When blood escapes our bodies we are alarmed to the very core of our brains. It is life leaking out of us. It is frightening and makes red a profoundly intense color.” Mark Ryden, 2003

P.S. if you don't want to buy the book, you can see all the paintings and drawings here



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