Nothin’ Ugly Fly by Marvin K. White

A short intermission in my reading of Jonathan Littel's Les Bienveillantes. I guess I needed a quick pause in constant killing and butchery. Just three short poems, no more – and back to communal graves in Ukraine.
I picked three in a particular short style that I like – doesn't mean all are like this though.
make my neck hurt
oooooooh baby
i love the soul food about you
neck bone
black eye
liver about you
but ohhhhhhh
those chicken legs

going for blood
we punk
we pump
we vein
we flow

get well soon
can't sleep
can't eat
stomach notting
skin botching
sweating hot and cold
can't remember the last time
i been in love like this
PS … and now, the ultimate bigotry test (dedicated to our country's recent laws). Marvin K. is a well-known gay activist – does that change his words for you? Well, who could've guessed.

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