Moth City Seasons 1-3 by Tim Gibson

I couldn't wait till the final 2 issues of this unique and beautiful 8-issue graphic novel and went through Seasons 1-3 (issues 1-6) in a blast.
Tim Gibson managed to create a whole new approach to digital comic books, no less – technically, it's nothing new, but once put together, it's kinda revolutionary – and he made that on the backdrop of quite a thrilling carnage story that makes it difficult to put it down. Book noir + the living dead + totalitarian regime in early XX century China – I know, it reads like total stereotype nonsense crap – but miraculously, it's not. You just wait for 2 final issues and read though it all. I will, again. Plus, it's a great way to ease my mind from reading The Fata Morgana Books that doesn't go easy for me.


Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore

Xmas sale on comiXology hooked me up with Alan Moore's iconic Swamp Thing saga that I've never read.
Proves one thing right, the thing one can be certain about Moore's comic book universe – you can't just read his stuff flipping through the pages and running down the storyline at the speed of light – oh no, he requires you to crack them, read every word, suffer through it in a sense. From Hell is the best example of a great but difficult to read masterpiece of his.

A funny observation for trash movie fans – for a person unfamiliar with the Swamp Thing character, I do have to admit that Troma's no less iconic Toxic Avenger looks kinda like him.

All in all, that's another Moore's superhero novel like Watchmen or V for Vendetta (actually, written well ahead of both) that doesn't have a chewing gum effect at all – vice versa, you dig your teeth in and you work it, like you would with a proper rib eye – and unless you have bloody gums or heartburn, you should like it.