March: Book One by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell

The power of coincidence – I read Mikhail Trofimenkov’s unexpected and unexpectedly long review of March Book One in last week’s Kommersant Weekend – and then the book simply popped up right at me in comiXology new releases section – so I just couldn’t stop myself.
It’s a great piece of work on the racial equality movement in the late 50s, beautifully drawn and told with proper pace and style. However, in light of the splendid and very detailed review linked above (Russian speakers must read it), I decided I will not bore this blog with another, certainly an inferior one.
One thing though I guess it makes sense to add. Clearly and sadly, the self-prolaimed leaders of the Russian opposition here in Moscow have not read or preached the rules of non-violent resistance – and police, like everywhere else, doesn’t like having stones and parts of sidewalk thrown at them. Provocateurs or no provocateurs, no-one like stones thrown at you.